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Livvy Dunne, Welcome To Altoona, Pennsylvania - Pirates Number One Overall Pick Paul Skenes Has Already Been Promoted To Double-A

Paul Skenes is having the summer of all summers when it comes to people who just graduated college. He won the NCAA championship at LSU, got drafted first overall by the Pirates, signed a record-breaking $9.2M deal, and then began dating Livvy Dunne. Did I miss anything? Oh, he's already being called up to Double-A after just four innings in A and rookie ball.  

While four innings certainly doesn't seem like a lot to earn such a promotion, when you see the tape you can realize he gains nothing from facing that level of competition any further.

And did I mention Livvy Dunne? I mean she's probably the reason you clicked on the blog if we're being completely honest with each other. They were rumored to be canoodling earlier this month after she was spotted on her snapchat rocking some Pirates gear down in Bradenton, Florida, the location of the Pirates' single A affiliate. 

Those rumors grew to certainty when she was seen in the stands cheering on her man. 

The thing about Skenes dating Dunne is that wherever he goes to play baseball that team and stadium is going to see a crazy boost in attendance and attention. I mean just look at the scene down in Bradenton. On a lower scale this is like when Taylor Swift visits a city and boosts their economy. 

Tough blow for the Greensboro Grasshoppers, Pittsburgh's High-A team that Skenes is skipping in his development. T's and P's to the fellas down there. 

Livvy is quickly learning the life of a baseball player WAG. Little different when she's clearly a superstar in her own right, but the whole picking up and moving your life aspect is tough. Safe to say with the NIL money she can afford to go back and forth from LSU to wherever he is at her own leisure. 

Skenes has gone from LSU to Bradenton, Florida, and now Altoona, PA in the span of a few months. While it doesn't have a beach, I'm sure the great character of the Altoonians over there makes up for it.  Per Wikipedia you can find the Horseshoe Curve, the Railroaders Memorial Museum,  the Mishler Theatre, and the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament over there. 

The good news is that Skenes is clearly on a fast track for the majors. I'm guessing if he avoids injury and keeps up his production he's a Pirate by late summer in 2024. Not a bad gig if you ask me. The man is just dominating life right now.