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Shocking Update: Stefon Diggs Wasted No Time To Call Bullshit On Stephen A. Smith's Sources, Has No Desire To Leave The Bills

Annnddd there it is. Shocking it took this long after Stephen A. went on this morning about his sources and Stefon Diggs wanting a trade from Buffalo because he lost faith in the Bills: 

Diggs made it pretty clear a few weeks ago he was fine with the Bills. But like I said, the moment Stephen A. Smith says sources and rants and raves, people will run with it. It's what happens when you put sources in front of anything. I fully expect Stephen A. to double down, come on you think he's going to backtrack? He'll say he still trusts his source and made sure to say Diggs has to be in Buffalo. 

Again, I don't know why Diggs would want to leave the Bills. He has Josh Allen. He has a team that should compete in the AFC. Yeah, sure, they keep blowing it in the playoffs somehow, but it's not like they stink. This isn't him forcing his way off a 6-win team or something like that. 

The only shocking thing here is it took Diggs this long to respond.