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Props To The Brooklyn Cyclones Minor League Affiliate For Hosting Another Successful "Seinfeld Night" This Past Weekend, Complete With A Killer "Elaine Dance Competition"

NBC New York - Is anyone here a marine biologist?

Expect that question to be asked repeatedly on Saturday during the annual Seinfeld Night at the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball game at Maimonides Park in Coney Island. After all, the event will take place just miles from where Cosmo Kramer sank something of a hole-in-one off the shore of Rockaway Beach, leading to George Costanza entering an angry sea to successfully remove a golf ball from a whale’s blowhole.

That moment from the iconic sitcom will be immortalized by this year’s promotional giveaway at the stadium: a bobblehead of Costanza holding a golf ball while sitting atop a whale.

First off, this is the most fire bobble-head of time.

That item, given to the first 2,500 fans and other ticket package holders, is in such demand that this year’s Seinfeld Night, the eighth iteration of the event since it began in 2014, was the first to sell out before the day of. Standing room only tickets will go on sale at the stadium's box office at 4 p.m. on Saturday.

There will be Seinfeld-themed contests before, during and after the game. That includes the grand finale known as the Elaine Dancing Contest where participants recreate Elaine Benes’ infamous “little kicks” dance routine that’s “more like a full-body dry heave set to music.”

Is there a show that will stand the test of time better than Seinfeld? Honest question. 

It's remarkable. Pre-internet, pre-cell phones, pre-dvr even. Yet here it is, still bringing out packed crowds to Brooklyn Cyclone Stadium for Seinfeld night in the year of our Lord 2023. 

They had chicks begging and crying to show off their little kicks dance moves in the Elaine Dance contest. One of the better, more genius, marketing gimmicks these eyes have ever seen.

They had Peterman throw out the first pitch!

They renamed the foul-poles, "Festivus Poles"

The show premiered 35 yards ago, and this Seinfeld Night things been running for 10 years and it's hotter than ever.

When news broke of the first Seinfeld Night in Brooklyn, and the Keith Hernandez “Magic Loogie” bobblehead giveaway, the Cyclones’ website crashed. Word had quickly spread from WFAN to ESPN to Del Boca Vista.

“The story appeared on the local news in all 50 states,” Harner said. “One of those media tracking services said we got the equivalent of three Super Bowl commercials of exposure.”   

Fans, he said, came to the game from 26 different states and seven different countries. One who traveled from Winnipeg slept in his rental car in the stadium’s parking lot so he could be first in line on gameday the next morning. He then overslept like Jean-Paul and was second in line.  

Name me another show where that would be the case? I don't think you can.

Stay hot Elaine-