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Mike Francesa Tells Legendary Story Of Going On The Greatest Gambling Heater Of All-Time

Today was truly one of the best days of my life. Some people outside the northeast/NY area might not fully understand it but Mike Francesa is a god to me. Everyday as a kid whether it was in the car with my dad or grandpa, or even at home I listened/watched Mike like he was gospel. He literally is the sports pope. He’s the reason I’ve always wanted to do sports talk shows for a living. Getting to do an hour with him was a dream come true. The way he commands a room and holds court is nothing short of extraordinary. He’s a wealth of sports knowledge and the passion he speaks about it with is as alive as ever in 2023. 

My father always told me a famous story about he became a fan of Mike Francesa back in the late 80s/early 90s about Mike going on an incredible run picking games against the spread that really put him on the map. I was honored to get to ask the question and hear him tell the story himself. The man was a wizard when it came to college sports. He’s the best sports talk show host of all time bar none. He basically invented it. He blazed the trail for people like myself all over the country who have a never ending appetite for sports. Unfortunately my never ending appetite carries over to food as well but thankfully Dave has a hard on for fat guys who love sports. Lucky me!

The full episode of Picks Central with the legend Mike Francesa is above. It was like a combination of going to church and getting a lesson in the school of sports radio. Enjoy and god bless.