Wake Up With The Best of Jim Edmonds

Jim Edmonds loves two things: having threesomes and making web gems. He's done a lot of both but I only have highlights of the latter. 

It's never a bad time to reflect on how sweet Jim Edmonds was in centerfield. Some experts argue he played shallow just to show off the range when hit over his head. Others say he was just getting a better look at the trim behind home plate. Regardless of reason, no one disagrees how sweet he was. 


- 8 gold gloves in 9 years including 6 straight after moving to Andruw Jones's National League

- More career bWAR (60.4) than Ichiro (60.0). 

- Higher career OPS (.904) than Freddie (.901), Mookie (.898) and Miguel Cabrera (.902)

- Ranked 15th CF in history by JAWS

- There are 19 centerfielders in the HOF

- Higher career SLG (.526) than Devers, Juan Soto, Nelson Cruz, Joey Votto

- Top-5 in road threesomes since the year 2000 (includes all active players) 

- The Angels traded Edmonds to the Cardinals for Adam Kennedy, who would win ALCS MVP honors two years later en route to the Angels 2002 World Series Championship. Meanwhile Edmonds made the playoffs 6 times in 7 years with the Cardinals including the historical 2006 club that won 83 games and the World Series. 

- Still got it

- Jerry's got the smut

Have a nice day and remember that Jim Edmonds is arguably just as good as Andruw Jones depending on your preference of defense vs. offense. It's very close.