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What The Fuck Is Going On With Ohio State's Quarterback Situation?

“I think they’re both doing very well ... They’re both going to be really good players, and how this shakes out, I don’t really have a crystal ball on that ... I can honestly say neither guy is ahead of the other right now.” - Ryan Day

Bullshit. I refuse to believe it, and something is clearly not going according to the plan. The fact of the matter is that Kyle McCord was supposed to win this job, and whether it's because he's not met expectations or because Devin Brown has exceeded his, Ryan Day cannot name a QB1 at a point where we need to name a QB1. 

Folks, we're less than 2 weeks away until the season opener, an AWAY BIG TEN GAME may I remind you, and we're splitting reps? Splitting the locker room? Splitting the game plan? This is absurd. If you have two quarterbacks, you don't have one. At this point I'd rather just name a starter and roll with him than continue to evaluate the two. But Ryan Day disagrees.

Get the fuck outta here. Are we really about the be THE Ohio State University and play two quarterbacks? This isn't a Cardale Jones coming off a National Title while JT Barrett returns from injury situation either. Kyle McCord, who played high school ball with Marvin Harrison Jr, was basically given the keys to the car once CJ Stroud announced he was going pro after last year. It was his to lose. And it's gone from people being deadset on McCord to now a growing feeling that Devin Brown is going to get the job? 

And don't tell me the narrative is that "both deserve to play" either. It wasn't a week ago that you said that at least one of the two needs to pick their shit up!

Listen, I don't care who we name the starter, but I cannot emphasize enough that we need to name someone YESTERDAY. Does Ryan Day not realize that he's setting someone up for failure by waiting? First 3 and out to start the year and the fans will be calling for the other. Make a call and build his confidence up NOW.

If you made me pick right now, I'd pick Kyle McCord. #1 - he's done well in the limited action we've seen him. #2 - he has a great relationship with Marvin, who is the best player in the country. And #3 - he doesn't wear #33 like an asshole.

I'm sure if Devin wins the job I'll completely flip flop and say how cool it is, but at this moment, I want my QB wearing 14 or below. Don't make it about yourself. 

Additional bonus for why I want McCord:

Jesus Christ. And this is the guy we want making the decisions for us???

Again, I don't want to make it seem like I'm coming at Devin because I'm riding with whoever Ryan Day picks. But can we just fucking pick someone?