A Bridesmaid Is Getting Absolutely Bamboozed By Her Friend, And No One Is Even Talking About The Worst Thing She Did

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NY Post - An exasperated individual took to the “Wedding Shaming” Reddit community to disclose her story of an upcoming wedding that she may or may not be taking part in this fall as a “close friend” prepares to get married. 

“I am a bridesmaid for a close friend of mine,” the woman said.

“She is definitely a good person, but I am now seeing a different side of her,” wrote the user named “arncat91,” who titled her post, “Cheap bridezilla — I regret agreeing to be in this wedding.”

By way of context, the bridesmaid also wrote, “She definitely put pressure on her fiancé to propose when he was still getting his bachelor’s [degree]. It got close to ultimatum level, but he did once he graduated.”

She added as well, “Bride is religious, and is doing things somewhat traditional and is waiting to live together until they are married. Her parents are wealthy as well — which is also what is ticking me off for this wedding,” wrote the friend.

“Had I known I was expected to pay for this much,” she went on in the public forum, “I would have declined being a bridesmaid. However, the bride was not transparent about the costs.”

She said, “The bachelorette weekend alone cost $1K,” according to “arncat91.”

“I accepted that, as we are in an expensive state,” she noted (she did not say which state). 

“However,” added the woman, “we also have to pay for the catering for her bridal shower, as well as a gift.”

So much going on here let's unpack it all. First off, the wedding industry has gotten out of control in terms how much everything costs, how many different things there are now. It's not just the wedding it's the shower, it's the party on the night you get engaged, a formal engagement party etc it's nuts. Now add shit up if you are in the wedding. The bachelorette party, the day of the wedding , the gift etc. You can go broke in a wedding party no joke. So this girl having a limit is no problem in my book. 

Some things like covering the bride's cost for the bachelorette party … perfectly fine.  Now it should be a little bit of respect for the bride to not go bizzerk and make the rest of her bridesmaids go for broke with a massive cost. A weekend in Nashville … fair. A weekend in Vegas… all good. It's when they start throwing out a full week in a Tuscan villa and then bitch about the bridesmaids giving pushing back that really irks me. Not everyone is made of money, and more so if they were really your friends you don't need bottle service to prove it. Give me a few  24 packs of High Noons, a couch and Donnie Damage and Kenny Hammer breaking balls and I'm good. 

The first foul here is that she expected everyone to cover the catering at the bridal shower. That's absolute bullshit. BULLSHIT. 

Then we had another added cost : 

For the wedding day itself, the woman went on, the bride “dropped the bomb today that she wants a professional makeup artist and hair stylist to do our makeup the day of [the wedding].”

This will cost “$300 total,” wrote the friend. 

She said, “I am at my limit for spending and she said if I do my own makeup I have to practice and send a picture for approval. The hairstyle she wants [us] all to have will NOT work on my hair,” added the friend, as “it’s too short.”

The friend continued, “I sent her a pic of how my hair isn’t long enough with my face framing — and asked if I can do a low bun with pieces down in the front.”

She said the bride-to-be replied, “I will see if anyone else is OK with that because it will throw off the uniform look.” 

This is where shit starts to get hairy. Asking them to have someone do their makeup is not that bad… but the line to send a picture of your makeup as practice? Is she calling her friends ugly? Has she not seen them at events before, does she think they will go rouge and look like clowns ? 

Now here's the worst part … and the one where if you have any doubt choosing a side in this disagreement … it should solidify your choice. 

Oh — and “what else?” said the woman. “No ‘plus-ones’ and it’s BYOB.”

No plus ones is bullshit and opens a door of what do you do if people are married. I imagine this girl (although she deserves no credit) will include husbands and wives but who knows. The worst thing of all ….

CASH BAR !!!!!!!

You want to act like a Kennedy and your wedding is a cash bar ? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. This bridesmaid should run and never look back. It's a shame she pushed her to this point.