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The Minto Cup Just Means More, And This Fight Proves It

Plenty of you are probably asking yourselves right now, "What in the actual frig is the Minto Cup?". Well the Minto Cup is junior lacrosse's version of the Memorial Cup in Canada instead of junior hockey. 

Now some of you are probably asking yourself, "well what in the shit is the Memorial Cup?". Think of it like the college football playoffs, but for hockey. Winning a Minto Cup or Memorial Cup in Canada is the same thing as winning a National Championship here. It's just that nobody really gives a hoot about college sports in Canada, they have juniors instead. 

So the 2023 Minto Cup is now underway. 4 teams advance to play for the Minto Cup, and they play a 3-game round robin stage to determine seedings. Getting the party started were the Coquitlam Adanacs vs the Calgary Mountaineers. As far as the actual game went, the Adanacs mopped the floor with the Mountaineers. It was a 14-1 final. And unfortunately for Calgary, they also got rocked in this fight as well. 

Down 13-1. Just trying to get anything going out there. Showing some sign of life that can hopefully spark the boys for the rest of the tournament. But 77 in yellow is big Logan Mellish. From the looks of it, he's off to play football in college instead of lacrosse. But if you can throw haymakers like that, there's probably going to be an NLL team knocking at his door at some point in the future. He was in the kitchen serving up heavy right after heavy right. 

10/10 scrap to kick off the Minto Cup, and a 10/10 fight to get your week started. Until we start seeing some scraps like this in March Madness or the college football playoffs, clearly the Minto Cup just means more to these boys.