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Rock Bottom Finds A New Level: After Getting Swept By Boston The Yankees Now Own Their Longest Losing Streak Since 1995

Sarah Stier. Getty Images.

To anyone with a brain, the New York Yankees' season ended a few weeks ago. This weekend sure as hell solidified that there wouldn't be any miraculous 2022 Phillies' magic transpiring over the next month and a half. The Yankees were just embarrassingly swept at the Stadium in a three game series by their rivals, the Boston Red Sox. New York now owns an 8 game losing streak, their longest stretch of such sadness since 1995. 

If you follow this team with any seriousness you aren't shocked by the result at all. You definitely weren't stunned when they stranded runners at 1st and 2nd with nobody out in the 9th inning when trailing by a run. It's just what they do. When you keep running the same game plan out their with this roster then nothing is going to change. When you fail to seriously address the offense year after year and just hope it gets better this is what happens. In fact, it's only gotten worse. 

While the Sox are currently not a playoff team themselves, they're absolutely playing at a way higher level than the Yankees right now. Considering the fact that New York doesn't score in any capacity these days, they're pretty easy to beat. Just muster up a few runs early and you'll likely coast to a victory. Think about this for a second. It took until today, August 20th, for the Yankees to get a player to accumulate 50 RBI. Obviously they were the last team in baseball to reach that mark. They're just about the worst group of hitters in baseball when it comes to run production and it's been that way for a while. 

There are a bunch of really pathetic stats and facts to help explain how terrible this NYY team is, but losing 8 of 9 to Boston so far this season is ridiculous. I think Sox fans would tell you their team isn't an unbeatable bunch. No question they've played better than expectations, with their offense and bullpen carrying the weight. They are, however, incredibly inconsistent and frustrating to watch. That's why they find themselves still three games back of Seattle for the AL's final wild card spot. There's no reason the Yankees should be getting dog-walked like they are when they play against them. That's just how it's been though. 

It's one thing to watch this Yankees' team plummet in the standings, but to watch them play this way vs. Boston is a whole different kind of misery. Boone acknowledged after Sunday's loss that "they've kicked our ass" which is just about the only honest thing that's come out of that clown's mouth all year. George would have canned everyone by now if he were still around, but with the day off tomorrow coming off this kind of sweep there would be no reality where Boone is still the manager. I'm not saying fire Boone tomorrow because what's it matter now, but it's crazy he still has a job as I type this. Don't worry though, he says a turnaround is coming. 


Surely not he words of a guy who has completely lost a clubhouse. Nahhhh

The season is clearly shot. Like I just said, you've got the day off on Monday. Call up all the young guys and give them 6 weeks of 2023 to get them better prepared for 2024. There's absolutely no excuse for Everson Pereira, Austin Wells, and Oswald Peraza to be stuck in AAA come Tuesday. Do I trust the front office to do the right thing and pivot in this direction? Of course not. This team is run by that bumbling bald idiot Brian Cashman, the same guy who looked at this roster at the trade deadline and didn't make a single impactful move. He said they were in it to win it and decided to bet on these sad sacks of shit to turn around their miserable seasons. They're now nine games back of the Wild Card and six games clear of Boston for last in the AL East. Accept what you are and call up the kids. 

There's reason to believe them playing this poorly will actually be good in the long run as they're forced to make radical changes throughout the organization, but man is this brutal to witness. There's part of me that is happy they're getting embarrassed like this because going on a little run to fight for a playoff spot would only give the front office and Hal reason to believe this can work. Getting beaten this bad leads you down a path where there's no other choice than to clean house and completely alter your philosophy. That said, anytime I watch Boston beat this team it makes me want to die. The fact that it's gotten this bad is unbelievable. I hate Brian Cashman more than anyone else in the world.