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Angel Hernandez Is Getting Worse, And I'm Now Convinced He's Just Trolling

I received a comment today from somebody who said that they felt like Angel Hernandez was putting on some Andy Kaufman-like performance art piece in an attempt to troll Major League Baseball. He still might be butt hurt that he’s not allowed to do playoff games because he’s a terrible umpire. Because this is the third week in a row in which I’ve written a blog discussing how awful Angel Hernandez is at his job. That isn’t my intention. I don’t wake up every Sunday ready to write an Angel Hernandez blog, but he keeps sinking to new lows. He keeps getting worse. Based on longevity and the laws of probability, you would think that an umpire would probably get better the deeper they get into their tenure year, but no. He put on a show in Atlanta today. 

I was thinking about this earlier- is anyone in the world worse at their job yet still allowed to do it at the highest level possible like Angel Hernandez? He is essentially what would happen if you employed a firefighter whose number one tactic was to use gasoline to put out fires. He is the fry cook who spits in your quarter pounder and yet somehow finds his way to upper management. Nothing about the man makes any sense. 

Angel Hernandez might just be the toughest man in America. I can't imagine the mental fortitude that it takes to consistently be called (rightfully so) the worst at your respective profession, and yet you just keep moving forward. He keeps his head down, and according to the umpire's scorecard, he also keeps his eyes closed. 

We can laugh about it now, but the truth is, at some point in the future, a team that is playing a really meaningful game is going to get completely screwed over by Angel's nonsense. As much as I'm bashing him, it's not like this is just exclusive to Angel Hernandez. There are bad umpires all across baseball. But there's a pretty wide gap between Angel and the second-worst umpire in baseball. No one calls attention to himself quite like this guy. I gave him credit for one thing, though. He gives me something to blog about every Sunday.