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Cleveland Fans Used The Manny Ramirez Hall Of Fame Ceremony To Boo The Shit Out Of The Guardians Owners

Congratulations to Manny Ramirez, who played a grand total of zero innings for the Guardians, on being inducted into the Guardians Hall of Fame! Well deserved. But what really stole the show last night was the ownership group deciding to be a part of the festivities, and the fans booing the shit out of the Dolans.

It's the little things in life that make me smile, and the idea that the Dolans thought they could be introduced in front of the fanbase without issue is one of them. Like, they know they are disliked. They know they are the cheapest sons of bitches in sports. They know the city deserves better. But they had to have thought that the fans would stay professional because it was Manny's day. Wrong. 

And kudos to the fans. These rich fucks stay far away from the fans for a reason, but when we had the opportunity, we made the most of it. I was booing along with them from my couch! Because the Dolans are literally the only reason the Guardians don't win this league every single season. But it's hard to when your owners priorities are:

1.) Saving money

2.) Not losing money

3.) Angering the fans

4.) Trading away our best players

5.) Anything but winning

6.) Winning

And somehow, despite being 6th on the priority list, we still win. I get that this year we're under .500 (still only 5 games back in the division), but it's just a fact that for the past decade, Cleveland has been right there with the big dogs of the league, despite being literally billions behind in payroll. Could you imagine if the team with the best manager and GM in baseball didn't have to work with the 26th highest payroll? It's literally criminal that everything else with this organization, from the fans support to the development to the manager to the GM, is truly elite.....and our cheap ass billionaire owner holds us back. BOOOOOOOOOO