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Can't Help But Laugh Hysterically At This Dutch Runner Eating Shit As The USA Passed Her At The Finish Line During The World Championships

USA! USA! That's intimidation right there. Femke Bol knew she was going to get caught by Alexis Holmes and had no other option but to lay face down on the track. I still have no idea how you trip here. I mean you're a world class runner for a living. Rule number 1 behind being fast it being able to stay on your feet. She did not achieve that and I can't stop laughing at this image:

Ah, so close. Officially calling this redemption from the World Cup. You may have beat us in the men's round of 16 and tied us in the women's group stage but we got you at the mixed 4x400 relay at the World Championships. At least our guys didn't fall flat on our faces with a few steps left. Worst part? They got a DNF. Didn't even get a medal despite clearly being in contention here. 

Really this was the only way to upstage blog favorite Alica Schmidt who competed in the competition: 

Strong 7th place finish for Germany and Alica here. I was ready to blog all about her until I saw the Netherlands chick laying face down on the track. All that matters though is the US got the gold. Doesn't matter how, get on the podium and play the National Anthem. Can't help that other countries are intimidated by us setting world records. 

Fine, here's some more Alica pictures in case you're a Netherlands fan: