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Neil Magny Cornered His Teammate Just HOURS Before He'll Fight Ian Garry At UFC 292 Tonight

UFC veteran Neil Magny will take on Ian Machado Garry later on in one of UFC 292's highlight matchups - but earlier tonight, during the prelims, he went out to the octagon to corner his teammate Austin Hubbard in the TUF Lightweight finale. 

They didn't come up the with the win, unfortunately; Hubbard got slickly triangle'd by Kurt Holobaugh....

....but still, just an awesome move from Magny. 

Imagine someone caddying for their buddy right before their own tee time in the PGA? Or a NASCAR driver joining his boy's pit crew right before their own race or something? I feel like that'd never happen in a million years. I could be wrong tho, I am ignorantly speaking outta my ass here as someone who doesn't watch golf or NASCAR - but I digress.

Magny caught a lot of heat earlier this week for some comments of his at media day, where he said....

"There’s like different levels to ass whoopings that come about […] There’s the whooping you give your son now like to kind of teach him life a little bit. Being a father, I’ve become quite accustomed to that kind of whooping now, and that’s what we’re looking forward to giving on Saturday."

Ian Machado Garry brought this up INCESSANTLY at the press conference the following day and attempted to not let Magny answer a single question from the media, creating some actual bad blood for this one….

Should be an awesome fight - Magny is definitely Garry's best test to date, even on short notice, and if Garry backs up everything he's been saying tonight and delivers another highlight reel finish, the UFC may be forced to return to Ireland so he can headline a Fight Night card over there. 

Sure, he's a little too Muppet Baby McGregor-y at times, but I think he'll grow out of that and into his own soon. Hopefully.