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Jenks Just Knocked Spencer Abel The Fuck Out

Friend of The Yak, Jenks stepped in to fight in his buddy Frank the Tank's honor vs. Spencer Abel on 48 hours notice. Jenks works out almost every morning and is in great shape, so already had a leg up there. 

The first 10 seconds of the fight were worrisome, but Jenks' has got some thunder in his hands delivering an early knockdown to Abel in the 1st round.

The alternate angle of that first knockdown is INSANE.

Spencer Abel made it to the bell of the 1st Round but clearly lost that first minute. In the 2nd Round, Jenks had a bit of an issue as his hair top knot came out causing some vision issues, but it couldn't stop his fists of fury and he caught Spencer Abel with another CLEAN SHOT to end the fight.

He celebrated with Frank after the fight.

So what happens next? Will he be a co-worker? Will he fight the other Abel brother? Whose to say at this point. But he did put on a helluva show with two CLEAN knockdowns. Catch the full replay of the fight on YouTube.