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Here's How To Watch Rough N' Rowdy 22 PPV On YouTube TONIGHT At 8 PM ET

There's a lot of 1st time things for RNR22, including 5 round main events, but it's also the 1st time you can stream our PPV on YouTube too. You can find both options to watch on or head right to the Rough N' Rowdy YouTube and lock in for 3 hours of pure chaos and multiple fights for Frank The Tank's legacy. If you have any questions there is help here: 

Or you can tweet @RoughNRowdyHelp too... 1 thing to note is you cannot order RNR22 on your YouTube TV, you have to order through mobile or desktop first and then can bring up your account on the TV app and it's all good. This is way too many detail words for me to worry about right now though I have a fight card to look over. SEE YOU SOON WEST VIRGINIA