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Guess Which Barstool Chicago Guy Is Getting Roasted For Having The Cutest Lil TV Known To Mankind

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Wh… what is that? A TV for ANTS? A Michael Scott TV? A laptop resting on the mantle? I would have expected more from none other than Chicago's own Chief, but that's a sad state of affairs. What's even worse is that he posted that photo himself trying to stunt on the other guys for saying his screen was too high up. That turned out to be the least of everyone's concerns. 

And, alright, some people are saying the above pic is slightly photoshopped, but even Cheif's own version is getting thoroughly roasted right now with 2.4M views (no way X analytics could be wrong) and hundreds of replies & RTs:

Then again, should we be surprised considering his last setup?

And worth noting, I'm not here to size shame; there's nothing wrong with 50" so long as the graphics can really show the motion of the ocean, but perspective is definitely an issue here. It's why guys with smaller gear (penises) should shave their pubes down a little. That massive amount of brick combined with the large fire place cover completely overpowers the main focal point, and the couch being 100 yards away doesn't help. If I walked in to watch a game I'd hope the TV was a grower. Sad.

(Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch nothing but Blippi for the rest of the weekend on my 40" TV that rests dangerously on a small hand me down cabinet.)

Oh! And don't forget: