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Understandable: A United Airlines Pilot Took An Ax To A Parking Lot Gate To 'Get Rid Of Issues For Everyone Waiting', Gets Arrested For Helping

[Source] - He told Adams County sheriff’s deputies that “he just hit his breaking point,” the CBS station said.

He also said he was trying to leave but he estimated there were six vehicles in line at each of the three gates — and “was trying to get rid of issues for everyone waiting.”

Airport administrators reportedly said there have been issues at the lot with employees who don’t have the proper permits.  

Now let's just wait a damn minute here. He admits he was trying to help and he hit his breaking point. Who among us hasn't hit our breaking point while in a car? There's nothing worse than waiting in line and a faulty gate. I see him offering a solution. That said, I don't know who is driving around with an ax. We need to get to the bottom of that first, because that seems a little crazy. Tools? Sure, I get that. But an ax? Come on. No one is just driving around with an ax. 

But back to the issue at hand. He claims there were six vehicles in line at all of the gates. Simple solution, open one all by himself. Not his fault people don't know how permits work. He just got done flying around and wanted to get out of the Denver airport. Everyone loves being home after work and that's all he wanted to do. 

It's 2023, there's gotta be a better plan or solution than what we currently have for parking lots. I'm not smart enough to figure it out, but the whole put your ticket in, wait for the delay then get the card in, delay again. Brutal. Maybe everything can just go to an app or something. There's just gotta be a quicker method, that's all I know. And don't even get me started on the people who can't figure out what slot the ticket goes in or how to use their credit card. Disaster to wait behind. 

Next time instead of getting arrested, just try to get into Rough n Rowdy. Oh, that's tonight by the way