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Peak Jersey Shore: Search Is On For Woman Accused Of Whipping Skee-Ball At Child's Head During Arcade Argument

First off, find me a more Jersey Shore news graphic than the one above. I'll wait. 

From 6ABC:

Police in Cape May, New Jersey are looking for a woman accused of hitting a child in the back of the head with a skee-ball.

Investigators released video of the accused assailant, who was wearing a white dress, at an arcade. They also released clips of people she was with at the time.

Police say she threw the hard wooden ball after getting into an argument with another patron.

But instead of hitting her target, she struck a child, investigators said.

Some folks in the comments were saying it looked like an accident so decide for yourself.. Was this just an innocent little slip of the hand, or was this grown woman out for revenge on ::checks notes:: a small child:

After watching on repeat my personal opinion is that it's crystal clear she was out for blood. It's hard to tell but there's a brief moment where her hair flips back and you can see her eyes tracking over to her mini target. She knew exactly what she was doing.

What I really want to know is what was the altercation that lead to this unhinged move? An arcade seems like an unlikely spot, but anything involving kids can make tensions sky high real quick. Just google "Chuck E Cheese + Parking Lot Brawls" to see what I mean. 

As someone who spends nearly all of their free time at playgrounds these days, I'd be lying if I said there was never a moment I wanted to at least strongly-poke another kid with my finger and say, "Hey, BACK OFF ya little a-hole". The older child on the jungle gym who said, "Go away, wittle baby" when my son tried to play with him, or the squad of boys who shoved him away from the entrance of a twirly slide because it was "their zone" come to mind. 

But there's also been times when my son has been the aggressor (apologies to the child he swung at in the splash pad for absolutely zero discernible reason, and all the fellow toddlers he bit at daycare during that rough phase, collar pull), and I know that kid's brains aren't fully developed and these are opportunities for learning, not violence. More often than not the other parents step in to intervene with their kid before I need to say anything anyways and it becomes a little joint lesson. (Still, my social anxiety at the playground regarding toddler etiquette is often sky high, good times.) All that's to say (tldr, I know), I can't imagine a world where I'd actually follow through on a quick thought of "fuuuuck that kid!" and actually go after them. Especially with a hard, wooden ball to their lil dome, good Lord. And if some adult came at my kid that way, let alone physically harmed him?? 

This would be me bursting through a sea of skee balls:

Giphy Images.

Anyways, interested to see if she'll get caught & what the consequences will be, and in the meantime all I can say is this woman is lucky she was in Cape May and not in Wildwood or Sea Isle when she pulled that move. 

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