America Needs To Do A Wellness Check On Wisconsin For Holding The Top 4 Spots On The Country's Drunkest Cities List

I'm sorry Wisconsin, I was unfamiliar with your game. Like, I figured people in the far northern states enjoyed beer. That's not shocking to me. What else is there to do but drink up there? But to hold down the Top 4 slots of the drunkest cities in the US, along with 6 of the top 10, is stunning. They're the SEC football of drinking in this country. 

Speaking of the SEC, where is the representation from the South on this graphic? You'd think their tailgating culture would place maybe one or two cities into the rankings at minimum, but they're no where to be found. People say that SEC teams don't want to travel North due to the weather, but it seems like the real reason is they couldn't handle their liquor.

Tip of the cap, for the 2nd time in this country's history, to the North.

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Green Bay being #1 on the list is not overly shocking to me, but I do have to wonder if their drinking will go up or down now that Aaron Rodgers is gone. On one hand, they won't be having any more devastating playoff losses that surely boost their numbers up. But on the other hand, they will probably have somewhere between 12 to 15 regular season losses to recover from this year. I wouldn't be surprised to see the 26.5% at the top of the leaderboard skyrocket to about 76% after a year with Jordan Love under center. Packers fans might run away with the 2024 rankings like they're Tiger Woods in the 2000 US Open. 

What I'm more impressed with is Eau Claire and Appleton coming in at #2 and #3. Like, I get Green Bay and I understand Madison up there due to the students at UW, but two cities I've never heard of taking home the Silver and Bronze is damn impressive.

Hey Miami, Baton Rogue, and BUFFALO? Step your game up.