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The Miami Dolphins Built Their Stadium On A Native American Burial Ground And Have Been Cursed Ever Since

Yaroslav Sabitov. Shutterstock Images.

After 23 years of losing you after to start thinking outside of the box. This shit ain't just a coincidence, I'm convinced this team is cursed. In May of 1985 artifacts and remains from the Tequesta Native American tribe were found on the property that the Dolphins currently play on. In 1985 the Dolphins said fuck it and continued to build the stadium anyway, a move that would cost us almost 40 years of pain and suffering.

The Dolphins drafted Marino in 1983, and after just one year, Dan was playing in the Super Bowl. The Dolphins ended up getting manhandled by the 49ers and lost 38-16. The future looked bright, the Dolphins had the best QB in the league, and had the greatest Coach in NFL history in Don Shula, but they never made it back to the Super Bowl. Sounds like a curse if you ask me. Whenever you have the best coach and quarterback in the NFL odds are you will win at least one if not multiple championships. Brady and Bill, Andy and Pat, etc. But no, not the Dolphins, they would go on to win 0 championships with the best QB/Coach combo in the league. I wonder why….

Fast forward to Christmas 2004. The Miami Dolphins hire a guy by the name of Nick Saban, who some argue is the greatest coach in college football history. If you ask any Dolphins fan about Nick Saban, they will tell you he's the walking devil. I don't blame them he did lie to us and leave us over night.

However, recently, Nick revealed why he left. 

The Dolphins had the choice of signing Drew Brees or Dante Culpepper. Brees was ready to be a Miami Dolphin, until the team doctors didn't clear him, leading Drew Brees to join the Saints, where we won a Super Bowl, and broke pretty much passing record in a Saints uniform. While Dante Culpepper played 4 games threw for 929 yards 3 TD's and 4 int's. If I was Nick Saban I'd leave to.

Fast forward to to the last to this year. Jalen Ramsey tears something in his knee, Xavien Howard is being accused of secretly sharing his sex tapes, Terron Armstead was carted off the field, Tua and his concussions, Byron Jones scammed us, we played 5 games last year where our back up who started the game didn't finish it, the list goes on and on. The team is fucking cursed. There's no way around it. The only way this team can turn their fate around is by making amends with the Tequesta tribe. 

I don't care what ritual needs to be done, do it, I will fly out myself and arrange the meeting myself if I have to. There's nothing I wouldn't do for this team. Name the animal, I'll sacrifice it, if it's my blood, take it. Do whatever the fuck you have to do to make this team win a fucking playoff game.