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We Have A Massive UFC Card In Boston Tonight And The Dogs Are Barking

I’m gonna be in attendance tonight for UFC 292 in Boston and I am fired the fuck up. Two title fights. Great main card. A legend of the sport as the featured prelim and a lot of personal beef on this card. This is could be a watershed moment for UFC in terms of creating a new PPV star. If Suga goes out there and knocks out Aljo, it would instantly put him on a trajectory to become the biggest star in the UFC. He’s already a star but a knocking out the three time defending champ and taking the belt would send him on a rocket ship. 

We broke down every single fight on this card and gave our picks and analysis for how we see the fights going down. If you want the picks you gotta watch the pod but I will say this…. I think the dogs are barking tonight and there’s a prop I absolutely love on the main card. Tune in for winners and all of our thoughts on the fights. 

Thanks to everyone who’s tunes in and watches/listens every week and thank you to Monaco for supporting the podcast. Love you all and God bless. See ya tonight Boston.