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Anybody Ready For A Good Morning Cry? Here is the Original Wondergirl Carly Showing Her Dad Who Is Battling Brain Cancer That I Named A Horse After Her

So as a reminder last week in honor of me buying back Barstool (for a buck) I splurged and bought myself the biggest present I’ve ever bought for myself.  I bought a race horse at the Saratoga Sale for 650K.   A beautiful gray/roan daughter of Gun Runner and Wonderment.    I named her Wondergirl Carly which was a combo of her mother’s name…Wonderment and a tribute the greatest female athlete I’ve ever seen and a Barstool legend Wondergirl Carly.  (video above)

Well unbeknownst to me at the time was that Wondergirl Carly's dad is currently battling brain cancer.   And while this obviously doesn't change the fight he's going through it was still emotional to see the happiness this brought to the family.  I mean it's impossible to watch this and not tear up.   Suddenly the horse Wondergirl Carly will be running for far more people than just me.    And yes the family is obviously invited to come watch her 1st race with me.   Hopefully Wondergirl Carly the horse can do the name justice.