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Tyreek Hill Says He Uses Madden To Scout The Cornerbacks He's Playing Against Instead Of Watching Film

I obviously think that Tyreek Hill is kidding in this video but part of me also thinks he is being one hundred percent serious. Tyreek does stream playing video games all the time and it kind of makes sense. Madden is usually spot on with their rankings, at least hwne telling you how fast a player is, and what kind of film does Tyreek Hill really even need to watch on a cornerback? All of the cornerbacks are going to be watching all the film they can get of him and all Hill is going to do is run right the fuck past them. He is the fastest guy in the NFL and proved he didn't need Patrick Mahomes to be successful, so I think he can keep playing Madden instead of watching film. 

Some old bastards will probably get mad at him saying this shit but some players are so talented they can show up on a Sunday and absolutely dominate. Some players need to watch film and practice perfect just to be able to keep up with the NFL. Of course I feel like Tyreek Hill hard, but he is just so talented and fast he can beat anyone. 

I also think the Dolphins are weirdly being disrespected this year considering they have two number 1 wide receivers and a very good defense. I get saying "Well you don't know how Tua is going to be because of the concussions". But whenever Tua did play last year, the Dolphins would win. I think Miami is going to win the division and people will be surprised, at least as long as they keep their QB1 upright.