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UConn Football Released The Perfect Hype Video And Their Secret Weapon For The Season .... Jonathan XV

Holy shit look at that puppy. I know it's easy to write something like that, but UConn football is battling relevancy. They are doing anything possible to get back to the glory days of Donald Brown, the Fiesta Bowl a few seasons later and Randy Edsall version 1. No better way to do this than having two mascots. That's right I said two mascots: 

[Source] - Speaking of Jonathan XIV, no need to fret: He isn’t going anywhere.

As he approaches his 10th birthday in October, he’ll be easing into a mascot emeritus role and continue making appearances with his successor, just as Jonathan XIII did when XIV was introduced as a puppy in early 2014.

I know UConn is far from the only college football team to have a live dog mascot on the sidelines, but how do you not put him front and center for a distraction? It's like when the cheerleaders in The Replacements started dancing to help the team out. You put Jonathan XV right by the nearest wide receiver and that guy is going to look over and simply want to pet Jonathan XV. I know this because any normal human would want to pet Jonathan XV. Look at this guy! 

Frankly I'm a little sick of UConn catching all the breaks. They get back to the Big East, they win a national title, Donovan Clingan stays and turns into a bigger monster, Dan Hurley works out. Now they get this guy running around campus. Pretty unfair if you ask me.