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Which Football Would The Good People In Texas Choose First - High School Or College?

Interesting discussion we had no idea about on Picks Central today - Now at 11am on the Barstool Sportsbook YouTube or happily whenever/wherever we're told. If the good people of Texas could only choose one, which are they dying with - High School or College football? 

Personally, I have no idea. I've been to the Lonestar State a few times in my life but never outside of the People's Republic of Austin, which I'm told is basically its own district separate of Texas. My only knowledge of football in Texas comes from three very larger than life influences. 

- College Football

Giphy Images.

- Friday Night Lights (show > book > movie is the correct order) 

Giphy Images.

- High School Football Stadiums Too Large For God Himself 

So what we got? The first caller PC received today who was a 3rd generation Texas football coach whose father was on the sideline of Perminan in the early 2000's. His response to which the state would die for more - College Football or High School Football?


Yup. Exactly. Texas Forever.