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We Need Someone To Fight An Abel Brother For Frank The Tank Since "TRAILER PARK" Just Dropped Out For Rough N' Rowdy 22

I'm putting out the call for any able bodied men 160-170 LB who can get to Wheeling, WV by Friday and are willing to fight for the honor of Frank The Tank. It's too bad Trailer Park couldn't go against Spencer Abel, apparently he got hurt fighting in an underground league last weekend. But the show must go on and we need The Abel Brothers to remain on the card. 

DM @RoughNRowdy if you think you're worthy and can teleport to West Virginia ASAP. Even with this matchup in flux it's still the best card RNR has ever put together. 5 round main events are gonna be incredible and it's the 1st time you can stream the PPV on YouTube

Tune into the live weigh-ins hosted by Large & Frank TONIGHT at 7 PM and then watch the PPV Friday at 8 pm on