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Ain't No Guess: Biff Poggi's Legend Grows As He Tells Documentary Producers To Plan On Seeing Charlotte Play For A National Title This Year

This is the man college football has waiting for. We needed someone in the coaching world to take over the role of saying whatever is on his mind and Biff Poggi has done just that: 

Now he's got Charlotte their own documentary:

[Source] - Episodes, of which there will be at least 12, will be available weekly on ESPN+. The exact air date for the series is TBD, but the first episode will drop the first week of September, according to executive producer David Ravin, a UNC Charlotte alumnus and president of development, construction and property management firm Northwood Ravin.

Poggi brought the idea of the documentary to Charlotte 49ers director of athletics, Mike Hill, months ago, Hill tells Axios.

Not only that but he's out here telling producers to prepare for 15 episodes because they are playing 15 games. Love it. You think Biff Poggi gives a shit that Charlotte won 3 games a year ago? Not a chance. You think Biff Poggi gives a shit that Charlotte has one winning season its entire history? He'll light up a cigar in your face. Hell, not a chance he cares that Charlotte didn't even have a football team from 1949 until 2013. 

Biff Poggi is going to say what's on his mind and frankly we need more of it. The dude had his own documentary series while coaching high school football in Maryland. Not shocking he was beyond successful there. Now he comes to Charlotte after being on Harbaugh's staff at Michigan. The exact sort of dude to change an entire program. 

I love everything about Biff Poggi. The fact he's going around wearing a cutoff t-shirt like a suburban dad mowing the grass. The fact he's got that cigar lit at all times. The NCAA needs to stop being babies and let him coach on the sidelines with a cigar. He already promised that Charlotte won't ever be predicted to finish last in the AAC again and now he's got a national title in year 1. 

There will never be another Mike Leach, but we needed someone to try to come in and give us quotes and stories like Leach gave us. Biff Poggi is doing that. There are too many coaches who just give us the traditional answers and that sort of shit - you know, boring. Poggi is going opposite. Good. We need it in the sport. You throw in the name, background and everything else? Legend.