Megan Making Money Took My Man Hood

Megan Making Money just took my man hood. 

This girl had the nerve to tag me in her story about how bad it is to be a Florida Gator, although the series is tied 33-33-3. LSU has a couple good years and their fan base doesn’t know how to act. Hilarious. Anyway, after I replied to her story she had the ovaries to go “if LSU wins more games than Florida, you have to get a STTDB tattoo, and if Florida wins more games than LSU, I’ll get a Gator tattoo.” EXCUSE ME??? LSU's win total is at 9.5, Florida’s is at 5.5. What fucking moron would ever take that bet? At least give me some games here, for a girl who’s job is to bet everyday she should have least offered me a spread but instead she offered me a tampon because I sounded like a pussy. I don’t care what anyone says, you’re not a pussy for turning down a bet that has a 5 game win total differential. That’s not being a pussy that’s called not being brain dead. 

After I declined she used my kryptonite against me, peer pressure. She goes on telling me that I’ll bet Dave but not a girl, I sound nervous, etc. She baited me, she knew what she was doing. My biggest flaw is I don’t know how to say no to anything. Including the stupid bet she bullied me into. I was tired of the name calling, I had to stick up for my alumni and myself. I’m not confident that Florida will win more games than LSU but I’m confident that they can beat LSU or make it competitive. Instead of the win total we switched it to whoever wins the game between LSU and Florida. And before I sent her the virtual handshake emoji, I checked the look ahead line and LSU was -16!!!! She’s knows she can’t lose this bet, she just wants to brand me like a fucking cow. The games in Death Valley, Florida is 16 point underdogs, GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WORK WITH. 

After she tried my life, she ended up giving me 7 points.

When I got the 7 points I felt like I won, even though I’m losing 9 points on the actually spread. I got her to go from winning outright to getting +7. I felt like I was DJ in the art of the deal, so I told her she should read a book for once, and then that’s when she absolute shit in my mouth and castrated me. 

I tell her to read a book, and she tells me to read the back of a tampon box. She might be up now, but I’ll get the last laugh when Florida goes into Death Valley and pulls off the biggest upset in college football.