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Taylor Swift Has Declined Doing The Super Bowl Halftime Show For The 9th Year In A Row, Get A Clue Goodell

I absolutely love that she keeps turning this down. Last year I was fully in the camp of wanting her to perform the Superbowl, but now that I know she's continuously denied it like this, I hope she never does it. Is the Superbowl halftime show lame now? I'm starting to think so! 

I don't actually know who is in charge of picking the artist but I'm going to blame this rejection on the fact that Roger Goodell is a scumbag crook. Taylor's too good to be associated with them. She doesn't need the NFL for anything. She's making over a billion dollars on this tour, she has more clout than she knows what to do with. Goodell should pay HER to perform. 

Speaking of Superbowl performances, Ed Sheeran stated yesterday that he thinks he wouldn't be good for the job:

I agree that I think his style of music doesn't translate directly to the Superbowl pyrotechnics and drama that usually goes down, but I fucking love Ed. I am a MASSIVE Ed Sheeran fan. The Divide album changed my life. I was sickly jealous seeing videos Dave was posting from Stephen Talkhouse over the weekend. It makes me sad to think he thinks "nobody would want to see him do it" when I'm here with my hand raised to the sky.