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This Married Couple Not Having A Certain Side Of The Bed To Sleep On Is Lunatic Behavior And I Won't Hear Any Different

NY Post- A California TikToker had the internet ready to take to the mattresses after revealing she and her husband regularly switch which side of the bed they sleep on.

Angelina Murphy — posting as @renovatingourhome — dropped her boudoir bombshell in a video that has racked up roughly 1 million views.

“Okay I really need to know if we are alone in this — do you randomly pick which side of the bed you are going to,” Murphy queried.

The Los Angeles resident frequently uploads tutorials on revamping one’s domicile. However, things quickly went from soft to extra firm on her feed after followers saw Murphy divulge in her recent post that she and hubby Skyler switch positions on the regular.

“We do not have a regular side of the bed that we sleep on,” admits the residential makeover maven in the clip, which shows her sitting on the couple’s bed. “It’s never discussed, we just randomly pick a side where we sleep.”

What a crock of shit!!! This can't be serious. I have learned to start to accept new things and things I have not always seen as normal, but as Feitelberg once said, "There has to be a line." This is where I draw the line. A married couple sleeping anywhere they want is cathartic. 

There has to be sides. Everyone on earth has sides. Some people like the wall, some people like the window, some people just like left or right, but everyone likes something. People need to be in a routine, people need to feel comfortable. People need to feel like a space is their own. You can't be having essentially a fucking romper room of chaos with husband and wife picking a side of the bed willy nilly. That's insane, and I'm sure these two think they are reinventing the wheel, or being a "cool couple" let me tell you something this is what can divide you faster than anything. You know why ... this commenter nails it : 

One traditionalist explained, “I have things. My things. On my side. Chapstick. Water cup. Lotion. Hair ties. My things.”


The bed stand. I want to know where I put my wallet, I want to have my phone in the same spot, when I roll over I want everything to be able to be grabbed just where it's supposed to be. After a hard day of work, you want to play a guessing game of sides of the bed, and move all your stuff? No chance. These people are lunatics and I won't hear otherwise.