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James Harden Has Now Moved On To Talking About Potentially Playing In China, Which Obviously Confirms He's A Huge Stoolie

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Every once in a while as a blogger, you get shown a sign that maybe someone has read one of your blogs. Sometimes it's a tweet at you to tell you how much you suck, sometimes it's a tweet at you about a topic you wrote about or a take you had, and sometimes you see things happen in the real world that are a direct match to something you put up.

With that said, I'm fairly certain my fellow Sun Devil is a die-hard, blog-reading stoolie. Why is that? Let's check the tape

Hmmmm why does that sound familiar? Oh that's right

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Admit it, the funniest outcome of all of this is James Harden making his way to the Shanghai Sharks. I wrote that blog on August 10th, and after all the shit that's come out since I still believe even stronger that this is a no brainer move. Get your $35M this year, see what's out there in free agency, and if nobody is biting go live like a literal King overseas. Whether it's being treated like he's a member of the Beatles wherever he goes or selling 10,000 bottles of wine in 5 seconds

it's pretty clear the perception of James Harden is very different in China than it is here in the US. Given the reports that Harden was expecting a max extension this summer (which is very, very funny) which obviously was never going to happen, do you know who would pay him an insane amount of cash to come play? China. Think of what that bag would look like for a player of Harden's caliber. Go link up with Tacko Fall who's over there now and run the most dominant two man P&R game the CBA has ever seen. I bet he could average 50 a game in that league, even in his current state. Admit it, you would watch that shit. Or at least the highlights. It'd be this era's Stephon Marbury experiment.

I now wonder if this is maybe Harden's latest move in his attempt to make things even more uncomfortable for the Sixers. If that's what he's maybe thinking, I'd ask him to maybe think again. Does he think Daryl Morey is going to offer him any sort of extension after this season? Chances are his days in Philly are over regardless, so I'm not sure what the threat of going to play overseas does other than just stamp his ticket out of the NBA. 

The more you think about it, maybe something was just lost in translation with that quote. Maybe Harden really meant once he retires from the NBA, which would certainly make more sense. It's also way less funny so I'm going to personally ignore that option. 

On some level, you almost have to respect his desire to just say fuck it and go live where he's considered a God. He's already made $301M in basketball contract money alone. He's a lock for the Hall Of Fame, even without a ring (he has a 99% on Basketball Reference). To me it isn't a matter of if Harden pulls a move like this, it's just a matter of when.

And as always James, thanks for reading.


Can't blog about the Shanghai Sharks and not include the videos of the GOAT