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Big Cat Chimes In & KFC Trolls On The Barstool Radio/Yak Overlap Drama

First off, apologies for that headline but I'm trying to maximize SEO because momma needs numbies and those names move the needle.

Now to a full explainer of the overlap drama:

The Yak started on Barstool Radio maaaany years ago and as the name suggests, it was just a great combo of dudes yakkin' it up. 

Now, one transfer to YouTube, some shift in crew & 602 episodes later it's got 122K subscribers and an awesome, active group of 10X followers (join us!!!). Occasional tech troubles aside, it always airs live at 1pm ET and then goes for at least an hour, but I'd say the average run time is closer to 2. Worth noting, the longest ever was Case Race IV which ran 4 hours and 38 minutes & sent several people into demon/scorpion mode:

Now, following a major Roofball stream and the big move to Chicago underway, the next move for The Yak was going MEGA. We weren't quite sure what that meant, but we knew it was a big deal and we were on our way. The airwaves were wide open for limitless growth:


The huge news last week that Dave bought back Barstool. Exciting stuff to say the least, and as the office buzzed with "old Barstool" vibes a new energy returned to a long defunct show, Barstool Radio. The latest internal teas could spill with reckless abandon once again:

Its first day back Barstool Radio ran at noon which didn't interfere with us as far as I could tell, but then it moved to 2pm ET. For our show, which usually goes until around 2:30/3pm ET, there was a bit of confusion. Were people going to have to decide between us? Would some people leave our stream and head to theirs, especially if something spicy was happening in the office that Stoolies wanted the inside scoop on? 

It didn't quite feel right, and I guess it didn't feel right to Dave either which is why he addressed it live on today's Barstool Radio (while The Yak was also live). 

Big Cat also chimed in with a series of Tweets following that discussion:

And naturally, KFC trolled a bit with a teaser for tomorrow's Barstool Radio:

In all honesty (and as someone terrified of conflict ha ha), allow me to specify that I genuinely like everyone involved in this. I can see where KFC is coming from with wanting the early afternoon timing, especially as someone with 2 kids who has a bit of a commute. But overall I have to agree with Dave & my loyalty obviously lies with Big Cat on this one; overlapping two major live shows doesn't make any sense (especially when one is totally about to go from major to MEGA), and not to get 5-year-old-on-the-playground on everyone's asses but… we were here first! 1 - 2:30/3pm+ish has been the time slot for The Yak for half a decade now and they came back 7 days ago knowing full well our show goes long.

I also truly feel that Barstool Radio would thrive earlier in the day when the chatter is hot. Here's my thoughts as someone with zero pull or sway who probably shouldn't be adding their two cents in the first place:

10:30am - Barstool Radio

Noon - Picks Central

1pm - The Yak

Jeff D Lowe might have a better lineup plan though:

Anyways, until it's worked out I hope everyone follows along with both (but THAT EVERYONE ROLLS WITH THE YAK IF THERE'S OVERLAP IN CASE THAT DOES MATTER (I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE INTERNET)). If it does come to blows and we all have to fight each other in one of the upcoming Rough and Rowdies to sort it out, I call dibs on Tommy Smokes. Speaking of, for real fights - a friendly reminder to BUYRNR!!! This FRIDAY!