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Gronk Said If One Coach Could Get Him To Come Out Of Retirement, It Would Be Brian Daboll

Man, what a difference a few years make. I think it's fair to say that the last three HC of NYG at best didn't have retired players saying they would look to come back to play for them and at worst had active Giants pondering retirement so they didn't have to deal with the bullshit that comes with playing for Ben McAdoo, Pat Shurmur, or Joe Judge. However the mere thought of Brian Daboll had Gronk swooning like a school girl, likely because Dabes was peppering him with Deez Nutz jokes that had him ripping that signature Gronk giggle nonstop back when they were in New England together.

MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images. Getty Images.

Sidenote: Look at a young Daboll as a lean, mean, coaching machine!

I know Gronk kept saying over and over that he isn't coming back. But you can't deny he had that glimmer in his eye talking about Brian Daboll that I've only seen when he was talking about Tom Brady. Now that TB12 has finally hung up the cleats for good(?), I think it's fair to say that the only way Gronk puts a jersey back on to battle fellow gladiators is with the New York Football Giants. And the thought of Gronk lining up in some wild three tight end sets alongside Darren Waller and Daniel Bellinger with plays drawn up by the Daboll/Kafka brilliant braintrust has me feeling things a married man should only feel when he is with his wife.

While I shower Gronk with praise, I gotta shout him out for growing into a truly media savvy professional by not only teasing a clip like this to help his interview get covered by idiot aggregators like me but also saying "Another Tight End" instead of Aaron Hernandez's actual name. Seeing Gronk morph from a wide-eyed kid that was posing with porn stars to a veteran of the media game in roughly 10 years is like watching a puppy grow into a wise dog that could even make BB crack a smirk.

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All of this is probably a big pipe dream for Giants fans however since I imagine regardless of how many dirty jokes Brian Daboll may have in his holster, Gronk is in no rush to get his ass kicked in freezing cold weather on the football field and instead enjoys going on vacation like his counterpart in that interview.

h/t The Joe Schoen Hype Train Twitter Group