A Sexpert Is Saying Men Are Failing Women During Sex (Probably True) But She's Giving Us A Solution!

NY Post- If you want to make a woman orgasm, you might want to ditch the devices and learn how to push her buttons instead.  Professor Laurie Mintz from the University of Florida has said that women orgasm less than men during sex because of the false cultural messages from books, magazines and media that depict women achieving orgasm from intercourse alone. Unfortunately, pop-culture depictions of sex often leave out a key factor in making a woman climax — clitoral stimulation, the psychologist wrote in an article for the Conversation. Mintz found that just 4% of heterosexual women asked can orgasm from penetration alone, compared to 96% of women who orgasm via clitoral stimulation. Mintz believes a lack of sexual education contributes to the orgasm gap between men and women, which has been documented in various studies for over 20 years. And while research has described female orgasms as being “biologically elusive,” Mintz says that’s really not the case.

So apparently men are failing women during sex? Tell me something I don't know! I think most of us can agree that we're pretty bad at sex. If you're name isn't Leonardo DiCaprio or Johnny Sins I think the boys simply aren't getting enough reps in! This act is much like getting good at baseball or video games...practice makes perfect! And frankly if you're a dude that walks around in your every day life saying how good you are at sex...I hate you. And thankfully we have the numbers over here from Dr. Laurie Mintz of the University of Florida to back that stuff up. Also...any relationship to Ben?

Basically Dr. Laurie is saying that dudes are convinced that women are supposed to come through good old fashioned sex instead of all the other fun stuff you can partake which, listen up here fellas, feels like good news for us? Maybe we can take this information and run with it. Next thing we know we're all Warren Beaty.

That same study found that women were more likely to orgasm if they had engaged in foreplay, such as with “deep kissing, manual genital stimulation, or oral sex in addition to vaginal intercourse,” the study explained. Women also orgasm faster while on their own, taking an average of about 8 minutes to climax, compared to 14 minutes with a male partner, according to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine from 2018. Mintz said that 92% of women orgasm during masturbation and more women orgasm in a committed relationship than they do during a first-time hookup.

Right there Dr. Laurie is saying there's A LOT to work with. I feel like a struggling quarterback whose team just hired an offensive coordinator that fits his style as opposed to a classic run first/pass second offense. Big stuff all-around over here. Hope Dr. Laurie Mintzy helped everyone out today.