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Post Malone Took His Talents To NPR's Tiny Desk And It's Upsetting How Great He Sounds

In a world dominated by conventional standards of attractiveness, there's a rebel within us all that longs for something unique, something raw, something that defies the norm. Enter the enigmatic figure of a guy adorned with facial tattoos and smells of cigarettes. Menthol. Love that. Just a touch of mint to make you smell like a Hollister. 

That's exactly what Post Malone is. He's a crazy talented dude that looks like he sleeps peacefully for a solid 9 under I-95 and then wakes up with melodic wonders rushing through his head like the menthol cig smoke through his struggling lungs. It really doesnt matter what genre ole Post is doing, he's great at it. 

Also, he comes across as one of the nicest folks with that level of fame.

And just for good measure, anytime I blog about Tiny Desk, I'll include the best one yet.