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North Korea Is Claiming US Soldier Ran Across The DMZ To Escape the Racism and Social Injustices In The US Army

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea says that a U.S. soldier who entered the country from South Korea was fleeing abuse and racism in the U.S. military. It marks the North's first public confirmation of the incident since 23-year-old Travis King crossed the border last month.

The official Korean Central News Agency said that initial findings of an official investigation showed that King admitted to entering the North illegally, and that he was motivated by "ill feeling against inhuman maltreatment and racial discrimination within the U.S. Army."

It added that he was willing to seek refuge in North Korea or a third country because he was "disillusioned" about inequality in American society.

King was arrested last October and convicted of assaulting a South Korean citizen, damaging police vehicles and verbally abusing police officers while intoxicated. He refused to pay a fine and was detained by South Korean authorities this spring.

The amount of people taking this story at face value is insane. It's insane. People really think this dude is saying that while in the custody of North Fucking Korea? Of course, he is. He's alone, young, and probably the very definition of the Gob Bluth gif. 

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The US military certainly has its problem but I'm not sure North Korea is the place where you go if you wanna escape discrimination or racial injustices. To me, you'd pick about 194 or the 195 other spots on the ole globe if that was your desire. 

I'm not breaking any news that prisoners in North Korea endure incredibly harsh and inhumane conditions that violate basic human rights. Reports and testimonies from defectors paint a devastating picture of the treatment they face. These prisoners are often subjected to forced labor, where they're made to work long hours in grueling conditions without proper rest, nutrition, or medical care and that's saying it incredibly lightly. The prisoners are treated more like tools than human beings because they are essentially enslaved.

Physical abuse is common as fuck for these prisoners too. Former detainees have said they experienced severe beatings, torture, and even waterboarding by prison guards. Torture methods vary, but they all aim to intimidate, break the prisoners' spirit, and enforce submission. The psychological and physical torment experienced by these prisoners leaves deep scars, both physically and emotionally so nah. I don't believe that Travis King had a big come-to Jesus meeting and decided to stay. 

I think he was a dumb soldier who was terrified that he was about to be in jail in South Korea but made an even bigger mistake that turned into an international incident. 

In summary, Travis King running to North Korea = dumb.

People who think he said anything about racial injustices being lesser in North Korea= equally dumb.