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UFC Champion Aljamain Sterling Says He’s Taking Aim At “Fortnite Fans” When He Kicks Sean O’Malley’s Ass On Saturday

HUGE RICOCHET SHOT AT FORTNITE PLAYERS! How many gamers would it take to take out the Undisputed UFC Bantamweight Champion of the World? Potentially only one of Suga Sean O’Malley has anything to say about it. 

Shoutout to the champ Aljo giving us some of this time this week before the biggest fight of his career in Boston on Saturday. I’m gonna be in attendance courtesy of Gametime and I couldn’t be more pumped. Big time fight. Decorated champ looking to cement his legacy as arguably the greatest bantamweight of all time vs the young star with a ton of backing from Dana White and UFC trying to prove it‘s not all hype and that he’s the real deal. 

Aljo opened up to us about this potentially being his last fight at bantamweight no matter the outcome, why Suga Sean is so popular, how he feels about the way the fans have treated him over the last few years and much more. Like and subscribe to the channel on Youtube and the show is available on all podcast platforms. Shoutout to everyone for watching/listening over the last year and a half and thank you to Monaco for becoming our presenting sponsor. God bless and see us later in the week for our full breakdown of this UFC292 card and all of our gambling picks.