WATCH: Deion Sanders Tells His Team If One Of Them Gets In A Fight, They Better All Be There For Backup

Deion Sanders is getting his guys fired up in Boulder. I don't know if the Buffs are going to have the talent to compete with the big boys in Year 1, but Coach Prime will at least have them out there fighting — figuratively and possibly literally.

I appreciate the sentiment here of sticking up for your guys, I would maybe just reiterate in the team meeting after practice that this team went 1-11 last year and the depth isn't what other teams are working with, so let's just make sure to avoid any personal fouls once we have something like this happen in a game situation. Love the passion, though.

I'm fascinated to watch Colorado this season. If some of the high-end transfers the Buffs brought in can contribute immediately, CU might be able to surprise some people — possibly as early as Week 1 against TCU, a team which is ranked solely on the results of last season and is not going to be particularly good.

One fights, we all fight. Hell yeah.