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I Should Have Tried Oz The Mentalist For Witchcraft When I Had The Chance After Seeing What He Did To The Jets On Hard Knocks Last Night

Oz The Mentalist came on Hard Knocks last night to do crazy magic to the Jets and once again wowed America with whatever dark magic he practices. He predicted the score and opponent of the Jets in the Super Bowl. 

Look I am pretty superstitious and I was fine with the witchcraft when it was just messing around on Macrodosing or the Yak. But he applied it to the New York Jets a seemingly cursed franchise already and I just don't know how this will affect their season. 

If his magic someway messes with the Jet's performance from a spiritual-dark magic stand point, I will be more than pissed.

It will probably be some messed up situation where the Jets go to the Super Bowl against the 49ers and lose 31-21. Thats how the magic will double-curse the Jets. I was feeling so pumped since the Aaron Rodgers throwing montage on Hard Knocks. Now they mess with the Jets with magic, and I'm not sure how it's going to affect Aaron Rodger's spiritual stuff and the whole Juju of the team. 

These are real concerns when it comes to the Jets. The franchise has gone through some of the worst luck and vibes for decades. The Buttfumble happened, for god's sake. How am I supposed to feel when an already cursed vibe is over a team, and then they bring in a magician to do the ultimate jinx by predicting a Super Bowl win and score? 

Like here is a perfect example:

Aaron Rodgers always probably trusted what he had in his hands, be it a football, a cup of ayahuasca, grass, etc. Now we have a magic man making him double-guess himself as to what is currently in his hands. The man thought he had cards in his hands but it was a goldfish. That type of thinking is not what I want in my QB1's hand. I don't want the guy to be scrambling with the ball in his hand thinking "O shit this might not be a football Oz the Mentalist may have replaced it with a fat trout that I can't throw". These are the subconscious thoughts that echo through the brain super quickly but may be the difference between a completion and an interception. 

I just want to know who thought it was a good idea to fuck with the Jets' magic and vibes before a hopefully legendary season. I would like 3 separate religious leaders to come to the facility to cleanse whatever dark magic took place there. 

Is that too much to ask?