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Peak Euphoria With The Boys As Ohio Golf Course Becomes Giant Slip N Slide

Hand up, I don't know much about golf or course culture, but I have to assume that if you're the greenskeeper at Black Diamond Golf Course in Millersburg, OH you are LOVING this. 

"That's what it's all about - living in the moment with the boys, making the most of Mother Nature, and truly ensuring Black Diamond lives up to its name on our very own slopes. A fairway can be repaired in a couple weeks. This is a memory that will last a couple lifetimes," I'd think as I gazed upon this scene from my little greenskeeper hut. 

A little possible grass damage aside, this really is awesome. As a kid there's a few key moments where you get to run around like a lunatic in the rain with your buddies and it's primo #CoreMemories material. I'll never forget splashing amongst the flooded streets of Sea Isle with my cousins during a downpour or AGGRESSIVELY making out with my fling at Carowinds Amusement Park during a cloudburst on our free day at Church Camp the summer before my sophomore year of high school. (Full tongue, WWJD t-shirts completely drenched, pure magic, folks.)

Then you get older and that sort of fades away... Drops start coming down and you run for cover as fast as you can, so when it happens as an adult there's something extra euphoric about it. Basically, if you get an opportunity like this and you pass it up, you've got a giant dumper in your pants. (James def has a giant dumper in his pants:)

I mean look at this guy, pure joy:

Anyways, Black Diamond looks like a beaut and if I were them I'd make this the premier local sledding hill in Winter and offer slip n slide rain day discounts in the Summer.