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Surprise Surprise... Scumbag Derek Jeter Ruined The Marlins Park

Al Bello. Getty Images.

NY Post- Derek Jeter has many skills but appraising talent apparently is not one of them.

Former Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria — in his new book, “From the Front Row: Reflections of a Major League Baseball Owner and Modern Art Dealer” — went after the Yankees legend for moves he made as Marlins co-owner from 2017 to 2022.

Loria, in a conversation with the Miami Herald, discussed the Hall of Famer’s performance as CEO, which included trading 2017 NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees.

Among the specific moves Loria criticized were trading future All-Stars Christian Yelich and Marcell Ozuna, as well as gutting the Marlins’ scouting staff and firing Hall of Famers Andre Dawson and Tony Perez as special assistants.

“You have to admire a guy who wants to work hard at it, but you have to have experience before you make those executive decisions. Many of their [decisions] didn’t work out.”

Loria also made it clear he’s not a fan of Jeter’s ability to appraise art and ripped the five-time World Series champion for removing the home run sculpture from loanDepot park.

Opened in 2012, the artwork was among the stadium’s defining features.

“Jeter came in and destroyed the ballpark,” Loria said, according to the Herald. “Destroying public art was a horrible thing to do.”

The sculpture would erupt following a Marlins home run or a Marlins win and now sits outside, “condemned to neglect and outdoor decay,” according to Loria.

What a shock …. known scumbag (my words) Derek Jeter ruined the Marlins ballpark by letting art be neglected. I wish I could say I was shocked but I am for sure not when you start to examine some of the actions of him in the past. 

Rico …wit what kind of actions are you referring to? Jeter is such a beloved guy, a beloved player, a beloved teammate, how could anyone have a beef with him? Well folks let's take a trip down memory lane and talk about some of the things the fluff pieces in the media, the documentaries, and the papers won't tell you about. 

Barstool Sports  - In the 1996 American League Championship Series during Game 1, Jeter's home run vs The Orioles was a result of blatant fan interference by Jeffrey Maier. Instead of the parades and key to the city Maier was given, he should have been arrested. Jeter's first major moment in NY was a result of a blown call. 

- In 2014, Jeter's final season he posted his worst career Batting Average, worst OPS, and lowest amount of hits in his career. He refused (my words) to be dropped in the batting order. The Yankees needed to have the best lineup possible as they missed the playoffs by 4 games, losing the division by 12 games. Jeter went on a year long farewell tour receiving gifts and praise at every stadium he played in that season. Some would suggest Jeter's tour was not only a distraction to himself but the team as a whole, which caused them to miss the playoffs. 

- His "Mr.November" title was earned via a Home Run in the 2001 World Series. Yankee fans (aka Jeter ball washers) gave him this title as Game 4 began on Halloween night carried after midnight (November 1st). What Yankee fans wont tell you is Jeter was 4 for 27 that World Series (.148) average , and the Yankees lost the series to The Arizona Diamondbacks. In a time remind you that the city in which he played in was grieving terrorist attacks. Some could say Jeter didn't show up when the city needed him the most. 

- He never won an MVP. 

- He refused (my words) to move to 3B when the Yankees signed Alex Rodriguez, a much more talented fielder at the time. 

-  Famous PA announcer Bob Sheppard stopped working Yankee games in 2007, Jeter approached Sheppard to use his intro the rest of his career (mind you Sheppard stopped working games because of illness so Jeter pestered (my words not his) Sheppard while he was sick) . No other Yankees were able to use the intro. (Reminder- Jeter was the Yankee "captain" so one may ask why he chose to isolate his teammates with this act, which is completely fair.)  Sheppard died in 2010, Derek Jeter a man who adored him so much surely attended the funeral right ? Wrong, he stated he didn't even know when it was. Jeter even went as far as saying, "Having said that, I don't necessarily think you have to go to a funeral to honor someone." I guess once that poor sick man gave Jeter his voice recorded intro he no longer had any use for him. Sad. 

- If MLB had reviews during the famous "flip play", there's a chance Jeremy Giambi would be called safe. 

 -Speaking of defense … White Sox Dave did a great job covering Jeter's lack of defense in a 2020 blog

- Derek Jeter's last hit was against a team managed by Buck Showalter. The situation was 1 out and a man on second with first base open. In nearly every situation, a manager would walk the batter to set up a double play situation.  The Orioles manager chose not to walk Jeter. Why is this relevant ? Showalter first managed him in 1995. Some (me) would say Showalter's personal interests got in the way of his managerial decisions.

Hmmmm…. won't move over positions, doesn't show up to funerals, got lucky breaks, false accolades you name it. Jeter got the golden treatment and never deserved it. A tiger can't change his stripes. They let him run amuck in New York and then he's ran amuck in Miami and completely disrespected the owner. Can't have guys like this is in a position of power, can't trust him. A real shame that Jeter gets glorified when all his past is actions unbecoming of a leader and a captain. I for one find it sickening.