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Ronaldo Should Be Thrown In Jail For Wiping His Back Sweat All Over A Rival's Face During A Free Kick

I don't want to overreact here, but if Ronaldo isn't thrown in jail over this we need to have a serious conversation. Wiping any sort of sweat is a gross move, but there's something that is just extremely disgusting about back sweat. That's not just normal back sweat too. He's getting dangerously close to ass sweat. I'm all for creating advantage, but you're already Ronaldo playing in bum ass Saudi Arabia. You don't need to be wiping sweat all over people's faces. 

I want to say this is shocking, but I'm sure Ronaldo is seeing all the praise Messi is getting and is pissed off. He could have played over here. He could have been here before Messi. But nope, he chased the blood money and is now wiping sweat on people's faces to try and find an advantage. Disgusting behavior if you ask me. That's why I'm a Messi guy though. Dude just delivers, you don't see him wiping sweat all over the place. 

I don't care if he's Ronaldo, you can't let him or any man rub back sweat all over your face. You gotta drop the shin guards and fight right then and there. Take the red card and fight for an appeal. No warning, no dishes, no nothing. You throw a real punch. That's the only way to retaliate to sweat all over your face. That or you go dirtier. I'm talking true ass sweat, gooch sweat if you will, and rub it all over Ronaldo's head. A suspension isn't enough. Jail.