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Anthony Richardson Is The Best Rapper in The NFL (Also Named Colts Starting Quarterback)

Great news out of Indianapolis this morning. Anthony Richardson has been named the Colts starting quarterback by a man named Shane Steichen, who turns out to be the Indianapolis Colts Head Coach. Who knew.

I publicly stated after the draft that I was hoping Gardner Minshew would start week 1. I thought it would be best for Richardson's career. I have this vision in my head of the Colts starting out 2-2, but Anthony Richardson doesn't look great. Then Colts fans convince themselves they could be a playoff team with a slightly more experienced quarterback. Next thing you know, fans start showing up to the games in headbands and fake mustaches to do the whole "Minshew Mania" thing. Because "Anthony Richardson isn't ready yet".

That's not a great spot to be in as a rookie quarterback. But that's not going to happen. I'm just a pessimistic person who knows the power a quirky white guy with a mustache can hold over the people of central Indiana. But I'm done speaking that into existence. Anthony Richardson will be the Colts starting quarterback for the next 20+ years. He will win somewhere between 5-7 Super Bowls, and is a surefire hall of famer.

But also, have you seen him rap? Pretty cool!

I don't actually know if those rapping skills are anything better than average, but he does kind of have a cool voice. Whether that voice is 100% autotune, or somewhere closer to only 75% autotune, the voice in that video sounds cool. Everyone's music is autotuned now anyways. At minimum, Anthony Richardson's rap video is less cringey than most other pro athlete rap videos I've seen. And a rap video that isn't 150% cringe is better than what 99% of professional athletes can pull off.