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Ex-Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria Is Still Furious At Derek Jeter For "Destroying" The Ballpark By Taking Down The Massive Ugly Sculpture That The Marlins Used To Have In Center

I love a good grudge, especially over stupid stuff. Perfect example is ex-Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria still being upset with Derek Jeter for removing the carnival sculpture from the Marlins ballpark. You remember how gross this thing was. It would go off for a homer or when the Marlins won. It was so strange, no one liked it, it was ugly, everyone wanted it gone....except Loria I guess.

El Nuevo Herald. Getty Images.

Derek Jeter was NOT good at his job with the Marlins but this is something he did right. Took it, moved it outside the stadium and said “be gone“. Who could be mad at that? Loria could. He did an interview with the Miami Harold and Loria said that Jeter “destroyed the ballpark“ by removing it. 

What the hell is he talking about? If anything it made the ballpark BETTER. Him using the spin zone of Jeter getting rid of “local art” is rich too. It’s a massive ugly sculpture, who cares? Worry about your baseball team and not visual aspects of a statue that sprays water and has dolphins doing flips. He is legit upset it’s going to rot outside because the original owner doesn’t even want to get involved in moving it again. It’s such a funny story, who could possibly be mad at this still?

 I imagine Loria having bad dreams and waking up in a cold sweat screaming “JETERRRRRRR” and having these vivid flashbacks to the sculpture going off. He may have been an overrated player but this was one thing he did right was get rid of this gross piece of art. Yeah Jeets.