Stephen A. Smith Thinks Demarcus Cousins Is A Top 5 Center In The NBA Right Now

I was very quick to be like Stephen A Smith is a moron but take a look at the centers in the NBA. There's a top 2 where there is no question in Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid and then a couple of them after that gets a little dicey. If you had to rank the current centers right now it would be Jokic, Embiid, Anthony Davis, Karl Anthony Towns and Bam Adebeyo. The position is so thin because you really don't need a star center to win an NBA championship. Obviously Jokic was the reason the Nuggets won but he is a unicorn. But besides the Nuggets, the teams that won the titles mostly use centers as role players.

I think the Warriors have shown you really just need someone who is competent on the offensive end of things and a really good rim protector. Kevon Looney was the perfect center for that team and the rest of the squad was all guards and as a result they won a ton of championships. 

It is kind of sad nobody cares about centers anymore. Steven Adams had the 2nd most rebounds of a center last year. Jahlil Okafor got fucked because there is just no place for him in the NBA. If you can't shoot the ball from 3 you will be playing in China. 

But back to the first point, back in the day Boogie was an elite scorer and he is still only 33 years old so maybe he still has it but I think Stephen A is sucking up to him because he doesn't truly believe that. He was averaging 25 a game from 2013-2018 but since then he hasn't played much at all. So Stephen a you are completely wrong, but he does bring up some good points.