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Mizzou's Coaching Staff Reacting To Getting A Single Five-Star Recruit Will Make You Cringe

This was the reaction from Eli Drinkwitz and his staff when five-star defensive lineman Williams Nwaneri committed to Missouri on Monday. I had to watch it, so you do too.

A reasonable person might see that reaction and ask some questions like, "Wow, did that set the record for the most five-stars signed in a class or something? Did it take Missouri's class to No. 1 in the country?"

Nope. Nwaneri is only the second five-star the Tigers have landed — assuming he signs — since 2015 and the massive commitment brought Mizzou's class all the way up to ... No. 55 in the country.

This is just classic Drinkwitz shit. Staging a watch party for a guy who has already told you he's coming so you can make the cringiest video possible, all to go 6-7 for a third straight year. Hell, there's a good chance this staff isn't even employed anymore by the time Nwaneri steps on campus.

You know what good coaching staffs are doing when they get big commitments? They're either out on the recruiting trail working on getting the next one or, when it's in the middle of fall camp with just three weeks until the season starts, they're preparing the actual team that's about to have to play an SEC schedule. But again, those are staffs that win more than 11 games in three years.

Nwaneri is a great player, though. He should be pretty good at Missouri playing for whoever the next coach is.