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Teddy Bridgewater Wearing #50 For Preseason Games Is So Hideous That It's Awesome, NFL Needs To Let Him Wear It Permanently

[Source] - “I’ma wear 50, man,” Bridgewater said. “It’s preseason, you can wear whatever you want. We’ll figure something out in the regular season.”

It does look like Bridgewater will be allowed to wear the number 50 during the preseason, but that will have to change once the regular season rolls around. Per NFL rules, quarterbacks can only wear numbers between 0-19.

I know it's only for the preseason because the NFL can't let guys have fun all the time. Don't be silly here, it's still that asshat Goodell running the ship over there. But I love this so much because of how disgusting it is. 50 is an awful jersey number for a quarterback. It's hideous, it doesn't make sense, it's made for a linebacker or center. It's like when I see a non-Jason Williams (white chocolate version) guard wearing 50-55 in basketball. 

But think about it. Who are the quarterbacks to wear something over 20? I can only think of two: 

Andy Lyons. Getty Images.
Giphy Images.


Jared Lorenzen, Mike Winchell and Teddy Bridgewater. Not too shabby! 

I understand why linemen can't wear certain numbers because of illegal man downfield and all that. But can refs really not tell a difference? Linemen are fucking massive big boys that are nimble. Everyone else is normal. Feel like that's how you should be able to tell someone over a jersey number. 

This is big news for the Lions too. Them and the Jets, the two teams with massive hype a season after missing the playoffs. It happens every year and every year 1 of them just flat out sucks. Feel like having a Teddy Bridgewater wearing number 50 is a Dan Campbell move to help keep the locker room loose. Nothing like seeing your backup quarterback who seems to be beloved by everyone in the NFL wearing 50 and running around out there. You know Campbell loves this shit.