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Threatening To Beat Up Media Members, Cutoff T-Shirts And Hedge Funds - Charlotte's Biff Poggi Is The Most Unique Man In College Football

I've blogged about Biff Poggi after AAC media day. People who vote had the audacity, the damn balls, to vote Charlotte last in the AAC. Again, I get it, they aren't supposed to be good. But good luck doing that again after Biff Poggi threatened to hold media members upside down and bounce their head off the floor. Step 1 to earning respect is fear, he got that. 

Now you see, Biff Poggi is more than a football coach. He was a successful hedge fund manager: 

[WCNC] - The 62-year-old is a successful hedge fund manager, who won over a dozen state championships coaching high school football in Maryland.

Poggi is a Baltimore native who was college teammates with Dan Marino at Pittsburgh, before finishing his football career and receiving his career from Duke University.

He eventually found himself in the financial world, and became a successful founder of a hedge fund, but soon got back in to coaching.

Yeah the hedge fund manager is not normal and for sure not the standard football guy. But trust me, Biff Poggi is a football guy through and through: 

Need it to happen. If we can have the most successful NFL coach rock a hoodie, surely a cutoff baggy t-shirt is fine for Charlotte football. I mean as long as it leads to winning who cares what you wear? Plus we know he's going to fight for ice cream parties: 


I don't care about his past at Michigan and how he was credited with helping everything there. That's great. I just need to see the cutoff t-shirt look to know this is a man I'm going to be all-in on. You want a program turnaround? You go to Biff Poggi. You want intimidation? You go to Biff Poggi. You want ice cream? You sure as shit better go to Biff Poggi. Man even knows how to give a score: 

The Charlotte turn around starts now.