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Eva Longoria And Sofia Vergara Both Wanted The World To Know They Enjoyed A Summer Sunday - So, Who Ya Got?

Pardon me for missing this Monday. That's a hands up, my mistake, get ahead of the story type apology. But here we are on a Tuesday. Eva Longoria and Sofia Vergara both posting about summer Sunday's in bathing suits on Instagram. Nice little battle and going back to the true old school Barstool routes of just saying who ya got? 

Let me set the scene a little bit, or at least a little background here. Eva Longoria posted this the day after her ex-husband Tony Parker was enshrined in the basketball Hall of Fame. You want to steal a moment? This is how you do it! If I ever get divorced I will 100% post a picture of me in a bathing suit on a Sunday after a big moment in the other person's life. I expect the picture to pop up in the news section on google search and 239,000 likes. 

Then in the other corner you have Sofia Vergara, recently divorced, posting about enjoying summer. Brutal look for Joe Manganiello. No one wants to see your ex talk about how great her summer is going right after a breakup, let alone one that looks like Sofia Vergara in a bathing suit. 

I don't blame either one here. I'm a big fan of enjoying a Sunday. We need to embrace the fact it's still the weekend. I know people hate it and the saying is overused, but the Scaries are real. It doesn't matter who you are, they creep in whether you like it or not. We just need to stop using the scaries and embrace the Sunday. We also need a better word than Sunday Funday. It's 2023, we can improve. 

But again, I ask you. Who ya got? Remember it's the old school version, 1 for Sofia, 5 for Eva.