Hell On Earth: A Concierge Refused To Call The Fire Department For An Elevator That Was Stuck With People Inside

If the Sunday Scaries or Monday Blues didn't pour gasoline on the anxiety fire that resides in all of us, that video should do the trick. 

I'm admittedly a novice when it comes to the protocol of what to do if an elevator gets stuck. But I feel like the number 1 thing in the manual should be to call 911 and get the firefighters on the scene to get people out of that claustrophobic tin can if technicians are not around to help. If the manual doesn't say that, you should light it on fire because:

A. The rules of said manual are clearly FUBAR.


B. A fire in a contained space would prompt an automatic call to the fire department that should've been called from the jump and rescue you from everyone's nightmare once those elevator doors close.

Now I don't know why the guy in this video didn't lie and say there was an emergency bigger than a bunch of people starting to freak the fuck out because they were trapped in an elevator once it became clear this concierge wasn't going to help him. But I would've just faked an emergency by saying someone was having a baby, about to be late to work the day after the new/old boss rebought the company, or there I was about to create a murder scene because I was losing my mind being stuck in an elevator while a goddamn boob gives me the runaround about the rules she has to follow.

I guess he did say that there was someone about to pass out, which actually happened.

YIKES. I'm gonna go ahead and say that it's time for the hotel to write up a new set of rules for when an elevator gets stuck along with perhaps a new concierge that can figure out a better way to handle a scenario where people are living out their nightmare.

P.S. All of this reminds me of when a local NYPD legend was out in LA on Christmas Eve back in the 80s. He was able to escape from a bunch of bank robbers posing as terrorists and tried to call 911. Yet the bozos who picked up the phone were acting like he was trying to order a pizza instead of saving the lives of a bunch of hostages. Shameful shit.